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First Judicial District Adult Felony Intervention Court

The Mission of The First Judicial District Adult Felony Drug Court is to reduce the impact of drug-related crime on the community by utilizing available community resources to rehabilitate substance abuse offenders. It provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional prosecution and incarceration of nonviolent offenders with substance abuse problems. Participants are rehabilitated through court supervision and substance abuse treatment. Participation in this program requires a personal commitment. Members of the Adult Drug Court Team are present to provide guidance and assistance. However, the final responsibility is upon the individual and one must be motivated to make this change and commit to a more responsible way of life.

The First Judicial District Drug Court serves all seven counties of the First Judicial District: Alcorn, Itawamba, Lee, Monroe, Pontotoc, Prentiss, and Tishomingo. It is an intense, probationary court which mandates drug and alcohol treatment, frequent random drug testing, court appearances, home visits, support meeting attendance, employment, and, if needed, GED classes. The participants are responsible for all costs of their treatment as well as a monthly supervision fee. Drug Court requires a minimum of a 36-month commitment during which the participants comply with the requirements and advance through five phases.

Once an individual is referred to Drug Court, an initial interview is conducted by Drug Court staff. After the interview, the individual’s prior criminal history is reviewed and an assessment is conducted by the treatment provider. After the individual qualifies, it is a joint decision between the individual’s attorney, Drug Court staff, the District Attorney, and law enforcement as to who is accepted into Drug Court. The defendant then enters a plea to the felony charge pending or undergoes a probation revocation before a Circuit Court Judge and enters phase I of the Drug Court. During the course of participation, the Drug Court Staff and team members monitor, review, and discuss the progress and needs of each participant.

For more information about the Drug Court or to make a referral, contact Jennifer Cummings at 662-728-4060.​​